About Us


Help people establish savings habits and achieve financial security by making saving feel like play.

Flourish exists to help people achieve their goals and dreams, without personal finance being a barrier. We are starting by making short-term savings attainable and fun for first generation financial citizens in the United States, and we hope to shape the way people interact with their finances around the world.

What inspires us?

Driven by their own upbringings, Pedro and Jessica teamed up to help individuals, especially those from low to moderate income backgrounds, develop positive financial habits to build financial security. Pedro immigrated to the U.S. as a teenager and had to support himself during high school and college. He understands first hand what it means to struggle through the financial realities of a new country with little means. Jessica grew up in a low income family and watched her mother struggle to provide for the family on her single income and rise above the need for government assistance programs.

Flourish Squad

Jessica Eting
Co-Founder, COO
Pedro Moura
Co-Founder, CEO
Jordan Trevino
Technical lead
Sara A.
Will L.
Game Developer
Sergio T.

Our Values


We believe in being truthful and sincere out of respect for those with whom we engage.


We believe in a straightforward approach that is clear and uncomplicated.


We lead with the best intentions for others.


We believe in the power of fun, taking time for enjoyment and employing humor.


We strive to relate to others from a place of understanding and compassion.